Tuesday 18 June 2024
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Keeping Your House in Order Means Keeping the Virus Away

Keeping Your House in Order Means Keeping the Virus Away

It may seem strange, but with all the vaccines America is holding right now, the country is still basically on its toes regarding the virus. But perhaps, it’s a lesson about getting more people vaccinated. For one, Louisiana is being battered by the Delta variant. To note, the state one with the lowest vaccination rate in the country.

The greatest danger for all of us is to let the virus in our very own homes. It’s not a far-fetched idea. CDC advises the fastest way to transmit the virus is still from one person to another. Certainly, in the home setting, you may think you’re safe. But so long as food deliveries happen and close family or friends come in now and then, you’re still at risk.

The good news is there are tried-and-tested ways to keep the virus out. It’s a tall order. But keeping your home virus-free isn’t an impossible feat. Listed below are key takeaways to help you make that an everyday reality.

Maintaining House Cleanliness

Let’s face it. Whether you like it or not, the virus is still very much part of our daily lives today. It’s scary. But unless you want to risk yourself (and put yourself in harm’s way), protecting yourself is best. And that means staying at home as long as possible.

But even our precious abodes are not as safe as you might want to think. So long as food deliveries occur and friends and family visit, you are still in danger of the virus stepping in.

That’s why you need to ensure your property is free from the clutches of the virus. That’s where cleaning and disinfecting come into play.

This is where cleaning and disinfecting can play a huge role in keeping the virus at bay. Cleaning takes organic matter (e.g., debris, surface dirt, dust), which the virus can easily attach to. On the other hand, disinfecting is using chemicals to do away with pathogens inside your personal space.

It’s also the reason why a reliable vacuum cleaner can go a long way in making all this happen. The device makes it a cinch for us to clean our surroundings and do away with dirt and various means the virus could linger. With that said, these days are certainly not the best times to keep a defective vacuum. If that’s the case, letting experts repair your vacuum is wise.

In addition, there are several disinfectants you can use to clean surfaces thoroughly. Alcohol is one. Moreover, you shouldn’t let strangers in the house. For best results, have everyone who comes in disinfect their hands at the door.

In cleaning, you must choose a product appropriate for the surface and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use. Also, when disinfecting, you should provide enough ventilation by opening your windows and doors to avoid allergies or side effects of the disinfectant.

Observing Hygiene Measures 

Going back to the time when the COVID-19 virus was not yet present, hygiene was already important in our everyday lives. Simply taking a bath was considered excellent hygiene. Nowadays, cleanliness is more essential than ever because people come and go from our houses, especially those who work.

In this regard, carrying disinfectants every time you go out is a great measure to prevent and stay away from the virus to avoid bringing it home with you. Everyone else in the house should observe proper hygiene, especially if you have an elderly citizen or children at home. Personal hygiene truly means a lot, not only in keeping us clean but also in keeping us safe from diseases.

 Implement Household Protocols

You can take a page from malls and workplaces. Following health guidelines, they have their protocols to avoid the spread of the virus. Similarly, we can also implement the same protocols in our household to prevent COVID-19 from entering our homes.

For instance, giving instructions to our family to disinfect themselves before entering the house is an effective way of preventing the virus from entering our respective households. Bringing surgical masks, face shields and putting them on every time we go out is also spot-on. It’s a preventive measure to ensure we are at minimal risk of getting infected when going out. And that means we won’t be bringing the virus along when we enter our homes.

 Boost Your Immune System 

Aside from maintaining household cleanliness through disinfecting, one of the most effective ways to stay away from the threats of the virus is to keep our bodies healthy at all times. That means is we need to boost our immune system. According to certain findings, we are vulnerable to SARS-CoV-2 when our immune system is weak.

The World Health Organization (2020) emphasized that boosting one’s immune system is important in these times. Aside from having enough sleep, the WHO highly recommends maintaining a healthy food diet since it boosts the immune system against COVID-19 and other diseases.

Also, taking supplements (e.g., vitamins B, C, and D) can greatly help boost your immune system. And that translates to less risk for you. Strengthening yourself is wise as it means your strengthening everyone in the family in the process.