Thursday 23 May 2024
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4 Must Dos Before Living in Another State

4 Must Dos Before Living in Another State

In 2018, about 32.4 million people in the United States moved within the previous year. Living in another state can be a good idea if you have been residing in your hometown all your life and you would like to experience new things. It can be an exciting journey that is full of possibilities and opportunities.   However, before to another state, there are things that you must do since such a step can be complex. Each state has its laws, customs, and features that you must consider aside from packing. Here are the things that you must do before living in another state:


As Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Moving to a new state means leaving everything behind—your house, neighbors, jobs, environment, and all the other things that you were used to. Hence, it would be best if you created a master plan since this is no joke.

First off, what will be your bread and butter in the new state? Do you have remote workers, or is your current work location bound? If the company you work for has another branch in your target state, you can request to be transferred. However, if not, you have to start sending your resume out and attending interviews. You would never want to move without a position to assume because you’ll run the risk of drying up your funds for you and your family’s everyday living if you couldn’t find a job.

Once you land a job, start packing. If you are moving with your family, make sure they are on board since their lives will also shift. Once settled, they can also give you a hand with packing. You can contact a trusted local moving company so they can help you have a smooth move. Remember to be organized and label the correct boxes, and list inventories. Make sure to secure your valuables and important documents. Plan your moving date and also ask how long will your stuff take to deliver.

Once you figured all these up, you might also want to come up with a contingency plan. We are hoping for the best, but just in case.


What is the crime rate? Is it safe? Is it accessible to the establishments you need? If you’re moving with your family, are there great schools you can enroll your children in? How can you get around? If you have a car, many states also require you to get a new driver’s license since they have different rules.

Otherwise, what is the people’s means of transportation? Which neighborhood or condominium will you live in? Who will be your neighbors? Yes, it will take effort to do this but building social connections is essential. They can be a great hand and can make your shift a lot easier.


You have to contact your service providers—i.e., electric, water, internet, etc.—to let them know that you are moving, especially when you have the payments automated monthly.

Also, you must update your address. This is important since you may be legally required to keep up to date with certain government entities (for your taxes, social security, etc.). Under the Customer Identification Program of the USA Patriotic Act, banks must verify your identity before you can open a new bank account or get a credit card. You will have to provide your current and past addresses. Hence, you have to file the change of address for your IDs for other needed updates.


There’s no standard formula for how much you are going to need to set aside for moving, but you have to take account of the following:

  • How much is the moving cost?
  • What’s the cost of living in the new state? Make sure the job you got can sustain this and your lifestyle as well as excess savings.
  • Do you have an emergency fund set aside? This is aside from the first two mentioned since this is your rainy day fund for about six months. Make sure this is based on the new state’s standard.

Living in another state will change your and/or your family’s entire life. You will leave behind the environment and people that have surrounded you for years. Looking through the rose-colored glasses, living in another state is a great new start for a thrilling feat in you and/or your family’s life.