Thursday 21 September 2023
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A Practical Guide to Preparing Your House to Sell

A Practical Guide to Preparing Your House to Sell

Reaching the point where you are sure you want to sell your house is the tip of the iceberg. You have to start going over your home with a critical eye to determine how much work you’re willing to do to get as much as you can during the sale. After that, you can contact a mortgage broker who can help you find the right lender. They can offer a comprehensive service that is geared for your needs.

Finally, you can plan your big move. Many people think they need to see their new house and decide how to decorate it before packing up the old one. But the new house will take a while to sink in and feel right to you and your family. This means it is better to allow yourself to live in it and take your time deciding how to decorate.

Helping you see the new home for what it can become will be heavily influenced by what you bring from the old house. Remember, this is a change. You cannot grow and evolve with the change if you hold on to too much from the past. As you clean and prepare your home for viewings, slowly begin identifying the items that truly bring you joy and speak to your inner self. Everything else that feels like it’s there because you had to put something can be donated or recycled.

Prepare the Paperwork  

Find the relevant paperwork needed for selling the house and put it in a clearly labeled box. This includes utility bills, the house deed, tax bills, any renovations you’ve made, contacts for the contractors you used, and any warranties on repairs or appliances.

Update Light Fixtures  

Change all the bulbs in the house and replace light switch covers with more modern designs. If this doesn’t improve the overall illumination of your home, consider buying LED strips and adding them to the underside of furniture and overhead cornices to give more glow and light to the house. Well-lit houses feel more welcoming, while dark houses turn people off.

Change the Bathrooms  

If you don’t have the budget to renovate the bathroom, you can concentrate on making it look aesthetic. Get new shower curtains, toilet seats, and bath mats. Buy a set of clean towels to put out when a viewing is scheduled.

Hide your toiletries and medication in a lockbox in the bedroom. It might seem a lot, but it would be best that strangers don’t see what you take or use. Doing so can protect your privacy and make your bathrooms look fresh, clean, and appealing.

Consider a Kitchen Upgrade  

The kitchen is one of the rooms that can help seal the deal. If you have a budget for renovating, then concentrate most of your effort on upgrading the kitchen. New appliances, a new backsplash, and a fresh coat of paint can transform your kitchen.

Take the time to clear out your cupboards and wipe them out to ensure clean and dust-free spaces devoid of smells. You don’t have to buy a new fridge, but if they look inside, it should be clean and smells fresh. You want the prospective buyers to envision themselves living in the house.

Get Proper Packing Supplies  

It might be tempting to get free cardboard boxes from friends or cheap boxes from Costco. You may even want to use your regular cellophane tape to seal the boxes. But this is bound to create issues. Moving is a rough business, and if the boxes are not properly sealed or not designed for the items they carry, they may break apart and damage your valuables.   Investing in proper moving boxes and duct tape is an investment in your peace of mind regarding the wellness of your items as they are transported.

Procure Extra Keys  

Your real estate agent should show your house to prospective buyers without you being there. This means making an extra set of keys and handing them over to your real estate agent. It is highly recommended to ensure that you and your prospective buyers do not have to interact.

Organize Extra Rooms

Clear out areas like the basement or attic as much as you can. You may be using it to store the boxes you pack but try to keep these in a neat pile to one side. A lot of people like to turn their basements or attics into game rooms or separate areas. Thus, showcasing that them has the potential to do so is a good way to make your house more appealing.

When making your house appealing, you might recall why you wanted this house before. Remember what made it into the home you wanted, then showcase those characteristics to your potential buyers. This way, you can complete a sale before moving to your new home.