Thursday 23 May 2024
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Preparing Your House for the Real Estate Market

Preparing Your House for the Real Estate Market

If you want your home to sell quickly and bring in a lot of money, you will have to put in some work. Here’s how to get your home ready for the market.

Disassociate From Your Home

Before doing anything else, you need to let go of your home. You’ve probably lived there for years and have many fond memories. You have to detach and see it as a home that other people will fill. Think about your future residence and all the great memories you will make there.

Check Your Exterior

Industry experts, such as Stefan Soloviev, explain that potential buyers won’t even go inside if the exterior of your home is a turn-off. Try sprucing things up by painting your front door and adding some flowers. Make your lawn look lovely, and consider adding some shrubbery. If your front steps or walkway has cracks, fix them. Also, make sure your house numbers are visible.


On the inside, you need to pack up anything personal, such as photos, that could distract your potential buyers. A detached home is better for buyers to imagine themselves in. That means removing all of your belongings could make your home sell quicker.


If you’ve been there for a long time, you probably have accumulated a lot of stuff. You could have gifts in closets, items you are attached to, or things you have been meaning to fix. However, if you haven’t used something in a while, get rid of it to help make your home seem more spacious.

Organize Everything

Buyers will worry about storage space and will go through your cabinets and closets. Keep all of your items organized to avoid making your storage seem lacking.

Rent a Storage Unit

The fewer pieces of furniture in your home, the better showings will be. Take anything you don’t need in your home to a storage unit.

Make Repairs

Technically, you can sell your house as-is. However, as any real estate agent certified by your state commission will explain, you can get more interest and money if you make minor repairs before listing.

You want to give your potential buyers plenty of room to imagine what they can do with their new home. Therefore, you want to make sure everything looks visually appealing. You want to depersonalize and put your home’s best foot forward. Follow these tasks for the best results after listing your home.