Thursday 21 September 2023
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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Fence

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Fence


A fence doesn’t just define your boundary, but completely changes your home’s curb appeal and even has the potential to bring down your insurance costs. If you need to repair your fence you can search for a “fencing company near me” and hire professionals for the job. Let’s check out a few creative ways to decorate your fence.

The Ways

  1. Modern makeover – If you’re keen on changing the look of your fence, you may as well get something that looks more modern and contemporary. To do that, you need to choose your fence panels carefully. You can choose panels with a pale finish. However, a pale finish may make your fence look very boring if you don’t accessorize it properly.

To do that, you can add large mirrors and dark rustic wall structures on the fence. The mirror reflects sunlight and adds a lot of visual interest to the patio. A pale finish fence with a pale finish deck or patio is also the perfect canvas for small garden ideas. Different shades of green from the plants complete the overall look of the fence and add color in a very subtle way.

  1. Raised Beds – If you have a strong fence made out of steel, you may as well make more practical use of that extra strength. Instead of the generic Victorian-style steel fence, you can add more life to it by installing raised flower beds against the fence. Those raised beds can be enclosed by ornamental wood since they get most of the support from your fence.

They add a lot of life to your boring and cold metal fence and can also become a seamless part of your garden. If you want those beds to be more productive, you can grow crops in them instead of flowers.

  1. Paint a picket fence – A picket fence around a suburban home is the typical symbol of the American dream. That image has been shown too many times in movies and pop culture and plastered in everyone’s brain. Since strength isn’t the greatest strength of the picket fence, they are usually installed around properties that are located in extremely safe neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, most people choose to paint their picket fence plain white. That’s the image that has been bombarded in everyone’s mind and also the cheapest option. However, since picket fences are mostly ornamental, it’s better to focus on that and make them more vibrant. Instead of painting all the panels white, you can paint your picket fence in all kinds of shades. It doesn’t need to be a single color either. You can paint different pickets with multiple colors to add more visual interest. However, it’s important to choose the shades carefully.

  1. Vertical garden – If you have a tall privacy fence or something similar, you can always get something more out of it. Use all that vertical real estate to grow a vertical garden and surround yourself with greenery. You can add lattice support structures or implement other methods to grow all kinds of plants on the fence.

Greenery always makes a space more interesting and has a calming effect on your mind. Moreover, a fence with a green cover has many more advantages. They help to keep your property cool, block out a lot of noise, attract all kinds of wildlife, and also improve the air quality in your backyard. They can also keep your backyard cooler and bring much-needed relief during hot summers.

  1. Mix and match materials – As mentioned above, your fence is a blank canvas for all kinds of great and brave ideas. Conventional wisdom says that fences need to be made with a single type of material. It’s either wood, metal, or in rare cases, rocks and stones. However, that doesn’t need to be the case if you’re trying to build a beautiful and unique fence.

You can always mix and match materials to create a perfectly unique fence in the neighborhood. For instance, you can make a fence out of both wood and stone where stone makes the lower portion of the structure. This isn’t just done to highlight the innate beauty of those materials. It also serves a practical purpose. Stone is much more resilient to downpours and stronger. On the other hand, the wood in the upper portion reserves a few traditional characteristics.

  1. Light it up – Lights can have an astonishing effect on your fence, especially after dark. Depending on your choice of light fixtures or string lights, you can add a lot more depth and mystique to your fence. Garden lights staked to the ground near the fence create amazing shadows and highlights on the fence.

On the other hand, you can also choose string lights or fairy lights and hang them on the fence for a more casual look. You can take up the aesthetics to a whole new level if you manage to wrap around those lights with vines or around a trellis.

  1. Get rid of solid panels – If your property isn’t overlooked and there aren’t too many privacy concerns in your neighborhood, you might as well get rid of solid fence panels. Solid privacy fences are tall and ugly structures that don’t really add to the aesthetics a whole lot no matter how much you spend on timber.

Instead, opt for a slatted fence. Even if you can’t install a slatted fence on the border of your property, you can certainly use them to bound your garden. Those small even gaps on the panels allow a glimpse into the greenery and extend the view of your garden.


A fence is one of the most critical exterior structures of your property. While a strong fence protects you from prying eyes and intruders, a beautiful fence can also increase the resale price of your home. On the other hand, if you need to get your old fence modified or repaired, you can search for a “fencing company near me” and hire pros fit for the job.