Thursday 21 September 2023
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How You Can Cut And Polish Granite?

How You Can Cut And Polish Granite?

The Greeks were the first one to use gemstones to create houses. The process of obtaining gemstone hasn’t transformed much since that time. In modern days too large blocks of stone are cut in the mines after which offered in thin pieces or foundations. After purchasing these foundations, they’re polished and formed based on usage. For that granite stone too this method is adopted.

Through the years the primary method has continued to be exactly the same but to do the steps the kind of machineries used has transformed drastically. Science has changed that old machines into a lot more effective and time saving types. Three fundamental machines are utilized in granite fabrication. They are saws, polishers and hubs.


Block saw or gang saw cuts the stone blocks into foundations. Nowadays gemstone wire saw can be used for cutting. The device includes a wire as well as on the wire an industrial gemstone is bound. Gemstone is the toughest stone. Therefore it helps make the job much faster. A bridge saw can be used to own foundations proper size.


Polishers are utilized to make the top of granite smooth. Polishers make the top of granite mirror like. An abrasive material is given to the rotating pads from the polisher. The top of material varies based on purpose. The level of smoothness from the sprucing up increases using the fineness from the abrasive material.


Hubs are utilized to create designs around the slab surface. You will find various edges which are utilized in the router to produce different designs. Router includes a spinning edge fixed with diamonds to chop and make the needed designs.