Thursday 23 May 2024
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How to pick the right Curtains For Your House

If draperies make you confused, follow our guide regarding how to find the correct the perception of you. In the latest style suggestions to the curtain tips and methods in the experts, we have first got it covered.

Be inspired through the latest style ideas

Ensure that it stays compared: Select a treatment that meets the proportions of the room. Floor length curtains look elegant at tall, slim home windows inside a high ceiling room.

Glam up plain fabric: Give plain curtains a twist having a border in some thing decadent. For instance, choose the backdrop hue of an announcement wallpaper the perception of your fabric.

Create a feature of shorter curtains: Short curtains look skimpy, however this bold panel draws the attention towards the center from the curtain rather of their length.

Update with accessories: Use striking holdbacks to decorate up affordable cotton drapes, or fit an ordinary pole, then just swap the finials whenever you fancy a brand new look

Choose a formal look with flashy designs: Disguise a tall, narrow window with full-on dressy drapes. Layer two complementary silk curtains, and sweep both of them to 1 side for any larger, more luxurious look.

Brighten a bay: Try teaming patterned curtains with sheer coloured panels in a bay window. Curtains could be open throughout the day to allow see how to avoid, as the a little colour keeps the wide expanse of window from searching too bare.

Choose the best curtain heading

Pencil pleat

Create using the heading tap stitched on top fringe of the curtain, using the cords taken in to create neat gathers. Ideal for a relaxed bed room plan, and appropriate for tracks or rods as well as for medium to heavyweight fabrics.


An unfussy heading having a soft, wide fold, this looks good in contemporary settings, and is a superb method of revealing a strongly patterned fabric. An eyelet heading is appropriate for many curtain fabrics, though generally not sheers.

Pinch pleat

Produced with heading tape that forms an admirer effect. Provides a more tailored look than pencil pleats – great for more formal living or dining rooms.

Tab tops

Looped fabric are stitched to the top curtain and tucked onto a pole. Appropriate for sheers and medium to light-weigh curtains, and good for an off-the-cuff setting, but could become popular the pole when frequent lowering and raising.

Six expert kitchen tips

1. Make home windows appear taller: Hang the curtain pole 15-30cm over the window frame to attract the attention up.

2. Maximise light: Hang curtains 30-45cm wide from the frame on every side – after that you can break the rules the curtains and find out the entire window. This makes narrow home windows appear wider.

3. Renew lightweight curtains: Just insert them in the clothes dryer on the low setting having a fabric-softener sheet.

4. Check the effectiveness of your curtain pole: Rods are made to hold a particular weight, check the packaging. Fixings need to contain the weight from the fabric and can suffer stress any time you draw the curtains, so they ought to be strong.

5. Don’t skimp on fabric: Cutting lower on the quantity of fabric you purchase will appear mean. Economise by choosing a less expensive fabric rather – just make certain it handles well and drapes evenly.

6. Compare well carefully: Make use of a metal tape-measure for precision, like a cloth you can stretch.