Monday 17 June 2024
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5 Things That Remote Home Security Systems Can Do (Besides Protecting Your Home)

5 Things That Remote Home Security Systems Can Do (Besides Protecting Your Home)

We always leave on vacation with a bit of unease. We worry about whether we packed for all weather scenarios, if our valuables are safe and if our neighbor is actually watering the plants like she said she would. But, things have changed dramatically since remote home security cameras have become more affordable.


Being able to see what happens in and around your home while you are away can bring you peace of mind. You can use your smartphone or tablet to check security footage, adjust the system’s settings, and alert the authorities in real-time if something triggers the alarm.

It’s more than obvious that remote home security systems can protect your home from intruders and other potential dangers. But, they can do much more than just that.

Here are five surprising ways remote cameras can improve your lifestyle.

  1. Make Your Home, More Energy Efficient

Trying to figure out how to prevent heat loss and manage energy consumption costs can be extremely irritating. While manually adjusting the thermostat can look like a good solution, it doesn’t work in the long run. What happens if you go on vacation and you suddenly realize that you forgot to turn off the heat? A remote home security system might be the answer you were looking for.

Most security systems offer smart thermostats and outlets. The device can be configured to detect whether someone is at home and turn off the heat and light when the house is empty. If you realize you forgot to turn off the air conditioning, you can simply use your smartphone and adjust it as you please.

  1. Remote Access to Your Home

Few things are more annoying than going on vacation and realizing that you are unsure whether or not you armed the security system at home. Now, instead of enjoying your time off, you have to call a family member or friend and ask them to check if your home is locked.

There’s a simple solution to this nuisance, and it doesn’t involve the hassle of having to ask someone to drive all the way to your home. Remote security systems allow you to check your home’s security status and arm or disarm the system from your smartphone. That way, you can get peace of mind knowing that, whatever happens, you can always access and control your home’s security system remotely.

  1. Keep Tabs on the Kids/Personnel

Here’s another great benefit that remote security systems can offer. You can watch what’s happening in your home from your smartphone via cameras. In other words, you can see if the sitter is taking proper care of your baby or if your teen kids are inviting friends over when you’re at work. You can even tell what time your kids arrived from school or left the house by creating a different PIN number for each member of the family.

Besides the kids and personnel, a remote security system will allow you to keep a watchful eye on your pets (now you’ll know for sure if Mr. Snowflake is the one eating your plants.)

  1. Reduce Home Insurance Costs

Sure, you may have to pay a monthly fee for your home alarm companies Winnipeg system, but having it in your home can actually lower your insurance by up to 20%. That combined with other benefits, such keeping energy costs under control, protecting your valuables, and deterring crime, can more than justify the monthly fees.

  1. Automate Your Life

Rapid technology advancements are changing the way we live. If not too long ago the smartphone-centric existence we have today was hard to imagine. Nowadays, The Internet of Things have become a way of life. And, remote home security systems play an important part in the highly-automated reality, we live in today.

If you worry about your kids or spouse leaving the house without adjusting the thermostat, turning off the lights, or locking the door behind them, you can set the security system to do it on behalf of them. For instance, you can schedule the system to arm your home if the sensors don’t pick up any move for half an hour. Or, you can set it to turn the heat on at a certain hour so that you return from work to a warm and cozy home. We truly live in the best of times.

There are many ways in which a remote home security system can make your life easier. But, the sense of security and peace of mind you get from knowing you are always in control is probably the best benefit of all.