Thursday 21 September 2023
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Great Relaxing Places to Live in Canada

Great Relaxing Places to Live in Canada

If you are trying to find a relaxing place to live in Canada but are struggling to find homes that suit your needs, there are many options to consider. Many lakeside areas in Canada have beautiful property and exist in quaint and comfortable villages that seem pulled right out of the past.

For instance, Auburn Bay is an increasingly popular community that draws in many visitors, renters, and home buyers every year. However, there are many other engaging places to live in Canada that are realxing and comfortable for your buying needs.

Auburn Bay

Calgary residents who live in this area find themselves living near a gorgeous lake that is very comfortable and relaxing. This lake lifestyle is one that can be hard to find in many Canadian regions because most of the property here is already purchased. However, higher-value houses in this area can provide a large number of benefits for the homeowner, including:

  • Cottage Lifestyle – Live a life that feels like a permanent vacation and spend time with neighbors, experience special events unique to the area, and feel like you belong to an area. Most people in this district feel quite close and often spend time together outside of special events.
  • Outdoor Living – Those who love living outdoors or spending time hunting or fishing will find themselves enjoying life here. Try to catch some beautiful fish or put up a blind and stalk deer, rabbits, or other animals and feel like you’re back in the country again.
  • High Livability – Consistently voted as one of the top 100 best places to live in Canada, this area is safe, protected from the difficulties of busier areas, and among the quietest and more comfortable places to live. And the cost of living is not too much for most people to handle.


This relaxing town in British Columbia has become well-known for its surfer-friendly atmosphere. As an island town, it provides easy access to many great surfing destinations and has slowly become a favorite vacation destination for many in the area. Just a few amenities you may experience in this exciting town include:

  • Beachcombing fun in a comfortable environment
  • Swimming and surfing excitement
  • Gorgeous views of the fantastic Canadian countryside
  • Hiking trails not far from the city

Other popular relaxation cities in Canada include Orilla in Ontario (an excellent place for lake-based fun), Dawson City in the Yukon (a popular golfing destination for many around the country), and Nakusp in Ontario (features incredible hot springs that will help manage your stress). These areas are both popular places for vacations and unique places for people to move, creating a great environment for you and your family.