Tuesday 18 June 2024
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Do These Four Things in Your Home and Have a Trouble, Free Summer

Summer is a lively time to make marshmallows, make endless trips to the beach, run around the soccer field, and dance around sprinklers. While it’s all fun, a lot of water is needed to hand wash, take baths, fill swimming pools, and long cold showers.

As much as these times are great, they can have a negative effect on your home’s plumbing system. To avoid these effects, Same Day Trades recommend some tips you can use during the summer months.

Check out your waste disposal.

There is a lot of food consumption during summer, and if not appropriately checked, food residue can be washed down the sink. These foods can block and wrap around the waste disposal blades. The oils, grease, and fats poured down the drain can also clog up, causing odors and foul-smelling gases.

Frequently run cold water down the disposal, which breaks any food particles and removes strands on the blades. If there is a foul smell, put a slice in the removal and switch it on. While the fresh scent of lemon will spread all over the kitchen, its acidic nature will enable the breakdown of leftover food particles. If you want to take a significant step, you can use baking soda and vinegar. To allow you to clear your drains of any build-up, put half a cup of each starting with the baking soda. Then leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and slowly pour hot water to wash out any residue. Use squeezed lemonYou can use lemon juice if you are not comfortable with the smell of vinegar since its acidity will have the same effect.

Inspect for Leaks

Most homeowners check their pipes during winter to avoid freezing, but they should be done during summer. There is a lot of movement and changes through the various seasons. It’s ideal for checking pipes for any leakages. This is a time to work on any leakages and avoid emergencies.

Apart from all other pipes in the house, the washing machine pipes should be checked as well.

Since not much hot water is being used because of the warmer temperatures, please take it as a time for the plumber in Mandurah to maintain water heaters. This ensures the heater works effectively when it’s needed most in the cold seasons.

Have your sewer checked

Though it’s not something familiar, having your sewer line checked can prevent you from having sewer backing up into your home. Most sewer lines have tree roots growing through them and other blockages. Get professional services from Same Day Trades to get your sewer rodded each summer and avoid any future emergencies.

Check sprinklers and sump pumps.

As you run through those sprinklers, make time to inspect any leakage. During heavy mowing, there is a likelihood of one of the pipes being nicked, which will not only lead to a rise in water expenses, but you may get into trouble with the authorities if there are water restrictions. As you check for leaks the same day, we advise you to take time to look at the sump pump. Storms are regular during summer, and it’s advisable to take precautions and avoid your basement from flooding.

Use the above list to prevent emergencies and enjoy your summer days.