Thursday 21 September 2023
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I’ve heard of Sandblasting, but what is Bead blasting All About?

I’ve heard of Sandblasting, but what is Bead blasting All About?

In Australia, what is known as “sandblasting beads” are minute, made ball shaped pieces of glass that get propelled through a blasting machine and then onto work surfaces. These micro beads can give a different type of finished appearance on a whole range of surfaces and materials, when compared to the typical sand grit type utilised in sandblasting.

Plus, handily, the harmless small glass balls lets workers work with this kind of blasting in an inside setting.

  • During the blasting process, an air compressor is connected to a bead blasting device.
  • Inside the bead blaster are many glass beads waiting to be used, and when the nozzle gun is ready, the compressor will propel beads out of the machine at a very high velocity to do its job.
  • A bead blasting expert in Perth, will then move the nozzle slowly back and forth until the work surface has been fully treated with the blasting beads.
  • After a job is finished, the worked surface will then have a beautifully finished smooth look to it.

Improved Finish

  • Professional sandblasters in Perth make use of glass beads on certain surfaces, because it doesn’t cause any damage to the worked on surface.
  • The beads’ round shape does not so deeply affect a surface like the sand type.
  • If the sand type is not used professionally, it can chip and damage a surface, whilst bead blasting treats a surface gentler to create a nice looking smooth and reflective shine.
  • These beads come in various sizes, all which will depend on the job which needs doing.
  • Beads of the smaller type go through the sandblaster at a much more rapid pace for a faster job finish, when compared to larger bead sizes.
  • The expert blaster must decide on which bead size is perfect for the job, as larger beads make a wider impression over a worked surface, whereas smaller spheres will make a lot more impressions for a much finer finish

Health Matters

  • A superb benefit to bead lasting is that they’re silica-free.
  • Silica in sand whilst sandblasting can make it hazardous for employees and go on to cause respiratory disorders in not only those on the job, but anyone nearby.
  • Beads utilised in bead blasting are dust residue free, and may be safely used in an indoor environment without having to worry about anyone’s health.
  • The type of abrasive which is needed will depend on how soiled the material is which will be worked on, and how much blasting it can withstand.
  • The more delicate a material is, the more it is going to need a gentler method of blasting to prevent any damage to the surface.
  • And this is why glass bead blasting is so good, as it is cost effective, cheap to produce, and the beads can be reused about thirty times!

So, make sure to consult and use an experienced company with the skill to get your blasting work carried out in Perth.