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Bangkok vs. Chiang Mai: Where to Live?

Bangkok vs. Chiang Mai: Where to Live?

Moving to Thailand has been growing in popularity for many different people. Many business and finance professionals are choosing to move to Thailand for the incredibly favorable economic climate and the access to a wealth of new opportunities. Thailand is an incredibly diverse country filled with potential. For expatriates, Thailand offers cultural experiences that are very different from their own. Over its long and storied history, Thailand has been the center of a great many cultural upheavals and revolutions. That has created a truly unique culture you can’t get anywhere else.\

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The question is not whether or not you should move to Thailand. All you need to ask yourself is where in Thailand should you move? Bangkok and Chiang Mai are both very different choices, but both very popular. Bangkok is a more coastal city in the southern half of the country. Chiang Mai is the most significant and populous city in the northern half of Thailand. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong. So, here are some things to help you with your choice.

Why You Should Choose Bangkok

Bangkok is the most populous city in the country as well as its capital. It is about 600 square miles (1,600 square kilometers). There are over eight million people living in the city and 14 million people living in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region. That accounts for about 23% of the Thai population.

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The city began as a trading outpost in the 1400s. Over time, it grew larger and larger as its regional importance grew. Eventually, the city became the center of upheavals that overthrew the monarchy. In the 1960s, flourishing under new leadership, the city grew rapidly for the next few decades. Fueled by the Asian investment boom of the 1980s and 1990s, many Western corporations began to flood into Bangkok. As one of the most politically and structurally modern cities in Thailand, it made sense for businesses to move there. That created even more boom, and Bangkok cemented itself as the center of business and commerce in Thailand.

Thai properties for rent in Bangkok often go to business and commerce professionals who want to be at the center of the action.

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Why You Should Choose Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the most significant and the largest city in northern Thailand. For about 500 years, from the thirteenth century to the eighteenth, it was the capital of the Kingdom of Lan Na. It did not fully join Thailand until the twentieth century. It lacks the business clout of Bangkok, but it is one of the most creative cities in the world. Chiang Mai was a finalist to host the 2020 World Expo. It was also ranked one of the 25 best destinations in the world. It has also applied for “Creative City” status with the United Nations.

Due to being independent from other parts of Thailand for so long, Chiang Mai has a distinct culture.

Many people who choose to move to Chiang Mai do so for the arts and culture.

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