Monday 17 June 2024
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5 Money Saving Tips For Selling Your Home

5 Money Saving Tips For Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be necessary after a certain amount of time; you may have outgrown it, or you may need to downsize. You might have gotten a job somewhere else, or just feel like moving…the list goes on. What doesn’t change is the fact that selling your home can be expensive.


To help you cut the costs, here are 5 money saving tips:

Haggle As Much As Possible

Haggle as much as you can to get estate agents, conveyancing firms, and anybody else involved to give you a deal that you’re happy with. Practice your haggling skills and make sure you get a good deal for what you’re paying. Pretty much all fees are negotiable.

Use an Independent Estate Agent

An independent estate agent will usually get the job done much faster for you. They’ll treat you more like a client, rather than a number like many of the bigger firms out there do today. They will more than likely be open to giving you a deal you’re happy with too. Some larger conveyancing firms claim that they can’t do it due to policies and other things in place.

Focus On Your Kerb Appeal

Focusing on your kerb appeal is easy peasy. It’ll get your home more attention, and won’t cost much at all. All you have to do is make sure your home looks welcoming from the outside. This could mean cutting the grass and planting some flowers, as well as adding a new door mat and letterbox. You could even just wash the car. All of these things aren’t necessarily something a potential buyer would directly notice, but something their subconscious will pick up on when they come to view your home.

Utilize Furniture Correctly

Utilizing your furniture correctly might sound too simple to work, but it really does. Take a look at showrooms and how they style the furniture to make people want to buy the space. Usually, the seating is cozy, open, and social. It creates feelings of wanting to sit, relax, and catch up with friends. This is exactly what your home should feel like when selling. If the buyer doesn’t get these feelings in your home, they won’t think twice about looking elsewhere. By simply using space saving furniture (and getting rid of clutter, tidying up, etc), you can get a lot more interest, money, and sell faster.

Be Careful With Your Valuations

Make sure you don’t give away valuations from other agents when weighing up your options. Mention you have other valuations, but don’t tell them what they are or they could manipulate them to suit them. Look for a deal that offers no lock ins, as some agents say you can’t re-market your home for another 8 weeks if you pull out of working with them. If you use another agent and sell the house during the lock in time, you could be sued for the fees.

Use these 5 tips for saving money when selling your home and you won’t feel so financially drained!