Sunday 3 December 2023
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Seven Secrets to Selling your Home Fast

Seven Secrets to Selling your Home Fast

In a declining housing market, selling home faster can be possibly by lowering the price. However there are other ways to improve the attractiveness of the house aside from lowering the asking price. Read on for some tips on generating interest and getting the best price for a house.

Price is Right

 Know the worth of your house and shave 15% to 20% off the price. Expect to meet buyers who have multiple bids who will bid up the price over its worth.

Pull Out Some Stuff Out of Your Closets

People looking to buy new homes look for storage and can never have enough of it. Consider out some stuff out of the closet and organize what is left in there. Expect buyers to snoop so make sure that your cabinets and closets are clean and tidy.

Light It Up

Your house should have maximum lighting. After location, great light is what buyers want to have in a house. Clean the windows, take the drapes down, increase light bulb wattage, change the lampshades and cut the bushes out so that sunlight can come in.

Play the Agent field

Hiring the wrong broker can kill a home sale. Make sure you work with a well-informed broker. This professional should constantly monitor the multiple listing service, determine the properties going on the market and be aware of your neighborhood’s comps. Hire a broker who uses technology and a lot of tools to get your home sold.


Hide the Critters

Do not expect that a cuddly dog would warm a possible buyer’s heart. Not everyone is a cat or dog lover. Property buyers do not wish to walk in your house and smell the kitty litter box or see a bowl full of dog food. This will give buyers the impression that you have a dirty home. In case you’re planning an open house, send your pets to a pet care center for one day.

Depersonalize Your House

You will want possible buyers to imagine themselves living in your house so take away personal stuff in there. These items include memorabilia collections, personal keepsakes and family photos. Think about hiring a home stager in order to maximize your home’s full potential. Staging means arranging the furniture to feature the floor plan and maximize space use.

Always Be Ready To Show

It’s important to make your home show-ready at all times because you may not know when a buyer walks through the door. Make sure you’re available whenever they wish to see the place and it must be in tip-top shape.