Wednesday 21 February 2024
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Good Reasons Why Installing Solar Window Film is Such a Great Idea

Good Reasons Why Installing Solar Window Film is Such a Great Idea

Most good people when hearing the words “solar window film”, might think of car window tinting and not know that the benefits of vehicle glass tinting can also be transferred and applied to their homes and offices. Residential and business solar window film can aid in protecting the health and comfort of you and your family and workers, help safeguard and protect the interior of your home and office, and cut costs with the saving of energy, guarding your privacy and make your home and workplace look that much more appealing and attractive. Here’s why:

Reduction in Heat

Solar window film for the home or office has become one of the most popular and efficient ways to reduce unnecessary solar heat transference seeping out through windows. It will actually contribute to around an 80% reduction in heat when compared to plain old glass, and will also cool down sun-drenched areas in the home or office.

An Increase in the Security of Your Home or Office

Any kind of accident, environmental catastrophe or vandalism can make that pane of glass into a wall of very unfriendly shards. With a top quality window protection film, installed at your home or office, it will act as a safety net by containing any shattered glass, and easily deter any would be burglars or intruders.

Farewell Fading and Hello Health Benefits

Solar window film blocks out about amazing 99% of UV rays, and thus reduce heat. This will help to protect your furnishings from fading and provide a screen to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Decrease in Glare

For whatever reason, such as direct sunlight, reflections from snow, water, or even other buildings, the perfect window film will help in cutting out any annoying glare.

Energy Saving Benefits

A reduction of temperature created by sunlight is why these days, so many designers, architects and building engineers are going for window film. A lowering in the loss of heat will increase HVAC efficiency and again lower energy bills.

Enhanced Privacy

If you are overlooked by neighbours or passers-by, then solar window film provides the perfect solution allowing daylight into your rooms. You can then go on to enjoy year round privacy due to the fact that you can now see out, but others can’t see in!

Good Looks

It doesn’t really matter if it’s a modern or an older building, there’s a superb choice of window film products that can visually enhance the outside and inside of your home or office. Looking and feeling “cool” has never been simpler!

No Installation Woes

Nowadays, expert installation of Solar Window Film is remarkably fast and simple. There’s not very much in the way of disturbance to your daily lifestyle or work schedule, and very soon you can be enjoying all the advantages of your new solar window film in no time at all.

Now you can see why it has become so popular!