Tuesday 18 June 2024
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Go Online to Save on Heating Oil

Go Online to Save on Heating Oil

Happily, people in Northern Ireland can go online to save money on what they pay for heating oil. This is always good to know, especially since the winters can pack a punch in the form of cold temperatures and snow. If you are a new homeowner or a first-time home buyer, you also need to be aware of how you can save on the costs of heating your property.

Save on Heating Oil

Keep Your Heating System Serviced Regularly

Whilst purchasing a first home is an experience that is exciting, you may miss out on a number of cost saving measures, especially when it comes to home heating costs. With almost 70% of Northern Ireland homes heated by oil, it is essential to maintain your heating system and keep it regularly serviced.

If you are in the process of looking for a home right now, research the energy efficiency of the properties you are interested in buying. When performing a first inspection, try to look at the process practically. Ask some direct questions. Also, keep in mind that the seller does not have to share any problems concerning certain cover-ups – hidden issues that disguise such problems as leaks or dampness.

Heating System Serviced

Go Online and Save Money

You can also offset the high costs of heating when you visit Super Saver Oil for cheap heating oil. Once you move into a home and are aware of its energy efficiency, you can further reduce your heating bill by using a fuel oil supplier that places an emphasis on saving.

Saving money is easy, as you only need to go online, obtain a quote, and schedule the service. You can obtain a better price for the oil, depending on the amount ordered. For example, by maximising the volume, you will pay a lower cost per litre used. Therefore, homeowners who pre-plan their deliveries not only save money but also are able to make sure that their heating needs are continually supplied.

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Check the Boiler

When looking at properties, make sure to check the following:

  • See if there have been any difficulties with the boiler and find out when it was last serviced. An inefficient boiler can devalue a home. Ask the age of the boiler and see if the heating system has been appraised.
  • Check the EPC or Energy Performance Certificate. This piece of information gives the buyer of a property the typical energy costs and energy use for a home. An EPC rates a home’s energy efficiency in a range from A to G.

Check the Boiler

When you know how much energy is needed to keep your system running and are aware of your repair and maintenance requirements, it will be just that much easier to partner with a supplier who can help you save on the costs of purchasing heating oil. Going online allows you to be more discerning about selecting a supplier. If you want to increase energy efficiency or reduce utility usage in a new home, you need to review both the efficiency of your heating system and the costs of fuel consumption.