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Choosing the Best Guard Dogs Breeds to Safeguard your Home

Choosing the Best Guard Dogs Breeds to Safeguard your Home

Bringing a guard dog or watchdog into your home would be a great way to improve your security along with having a companion and loyal friend for life. When researching different guard dog breeds for you and contemplating on which type you would like to bring into your home, you should consider various options carefully, based on your particular circumstances.

Bringing a guard dog

There has been a considerable difference between a watchdog and a guard dog. The watchdogs would act as an alert system. They would bark to warn occupants of approaching strangers. A number of dog breeds might fit this role, inclusive of Chihuahuas. However, guard dogs breeds, on the other hand, would possess the physical ability to make a prospective intruder incapable of harming his owner through injury or restriction.

Breeds for Guard Dogs

Several dog breeds could be considered guard dogs or watchdogs. Several owners and families wish to adopt this kind of dog. However, they should examine a number of factors before choosing a breed. Guard dogs and watchdogs often possess similar characteristics that have been inclusive of aggressiveness, a sense of territory, courage, strength, loyalty, resistance to counterattack, tendency to be properly trained and ability to protect the family of the owner.

Breeds for Guard Dogs

Find below a list of some of the most popular guard dogs and watchdog breeds to choose from for safeguarding your home. However, you would be required to keep in mind that several more would be an option for the purpose.

Bull Mastiff

These dogs have been relatively strong physically, as they possess a large amount of muscle. They are highly alert, courageous and intelligent.

Bull Mastiff  Guard Dogs


These dogs have strength, courage and confidence. They would prove their ability to be a guard dog or watchdog. They tend to be distant to strangers, which makes them a great protector.

Doberman pinscher

Similar to Bull Mastiff, they are intelligent, strong, fearless and alert. They are obedient and loyal to owners. Doberman pinscher’s are quick runners. This quality makes them capable of hurting an intruder along with having the ability to protect a household.

Doberman pinscher   Guard Dogs

German shepherd

This breed mostly remains calm until the occasion arises where its assistance is required. They have been known to keep a detached attitude that enables it to resist being influenced by superficial attempts and befriending.

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German shepherd  Guard Dogs