Thursday 23 May 2024
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Choosing a London removals company

Choosing a London removals company

With the property market booming, more people than ever are moving home, and as London’s such a big, booming city – how one earth does on go about choosing a London removals company?

Worry not, here we have a few useful pointers and tips to help you make the choice easily, simply and with confidence.

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Size of removals company – Small and local, or big and busy?

London is not only a very populous city, but it also covers a wide geographical area, so one criteria to help a choose a removals company is size.

Do you prefer a smaller, more local removals company or a bigger, busier removals company?

If you are only moving a smaller distance, it may be advantageous to use a London removals company from that neighbourhood – they know the area, the roads, the houses and the people know the company. You’re far more likely to get a bespoke service tailored to your needs by using a smaller company, and it should be relatively easy to get feedback on their services.

If you are moving a greater distance, or prefer to use larger companies, it may be that a bigger London removals company is more suitable for you. By using a larger company, it’s likely they will have more trucks, more resources and may even be a little cheaper.

Value, not cost of service

Moving house is one of the most stressful days families will be exposed to, so ensure you choose a London removals company that reassures you they will do the work you want, the way you want it done, and when you want it done.

By choosing a larger company, perhaps you have a higher likelihood of availability and perhaps they can provide a more bespoke service tailored to your needs. It may be for instance, that they have a wider range of vans and so provide a more suitable and cost effective solution to you by only providing the trucks you need. Smaller companies may have less vans, so will possibly charge you the same even if the vans are only half full.

Reputation and reliability

Not all London removals company provide the same levels of service, so ensure the company choose for your removals has a solid reputation. Ideally, look for a removals company that has solid testimonials from previous customers, read their feedback, look if they are backed by any form of guarantees of service delivery etc.

Even better, ask your friends, neighbours and family if they would recommend a company they have used. With house moving being so popular, it’s likely you can easily find a personal recommendation to help you choose a London removals company.


Look for a London removals company that has many years of experience, as those little tweaks and lessons they’ve learned over the years will pay dividends on your house move. It could be something simple, like they have already moved homes into the apartment block you are moving into, so know the easiest and quickest ways to get access, where to park, if any special loading/unloading resources are available etc.


When choosing a London removals company, ensure you pick a company that listens to your needs, and then provides a service to match that need. Whilst a ‘man with a van’ provides a service suitable to some, if you need a bespoke service (for instance, assembly and disassembly of furniture) they may be rather limited.

So there you have it; if you consider flexibility, experience, value, size and reputation, then choosing a London removals company should be child’s play!