Thursday 21 September 2023
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2021 Bathroom Trends to Try This Year

2021 Bathroom Trends to Try This Year

Have you been spending more time in the bathroom lately? Gone are the days of quick showers and thoughtless handwashing. With a deadly virus on the loose, you might find yourself constantly in need of soap and water. This means more time in the tub, too.

As people become more hygiene-conscious, home designs are expected to evolve and adapt. Bathrooms, in particular, are bound to change dramatically. If you’re up to keep up with these changes, here is everything you need to know in advance.

Below, we have rounded up the top bathroom trends you might want to keep an eye on. Check out which among them you should try this year. Read on.

2021 Top Bathroom Trends

  1. Touchless Faucets

Keeping your hands clean is especially important to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Naturally, this leads to more time in front of the sink. Yet, ironically, faucets are the ideal breeding ground for germs and viruses. So, how can one reconcile this contradiction? Through contactless technology, of course.

Since COVID-19 is likely to stay on surfaces for hours, hands-free faucets are now on the rise. These fixtures work as their name implies. They use motion sensor technology to detect a hand under the spout and allow water to flow in response. Basically, they allow you to wash your hand without the need to touch any surface.

Unfortunately, hands-free faucets cost more than regular faucets. But if you’re prepared for the high price, there’s no reason to ditch this smart technology. Aside from the germ-free factor, these devices offer other benefits too. Kids and adults can take advantage of the easy access to water. Plus, you’re likely to save more on your water bills. After all, these fixtures automatically turn off once you’re done using them.

You can easily find touchless faucets online through a quick Google search.

  1. Enhanced ventilation

Aside from faucets, toilets also pose possible virus problems. Researchers in the past already detected the presence of COVID-19 in some urine and stool samples. Consequently, flushing toilets were capable of launching aerosolized droplets that carry viruses into the air. These discoveries led to a demand for better ventilation systems in restrooms.

Luckily, there are ways to achieve enhanced bathroom ventilation. Getting a bathroom exhaust fan is one way. Adding more windows is another trick. Plumbing solutions, such as regular drain cleaning, are also important. Just make sure there are professional plumbers to help you out. They’ll know the right health procedures that are especially fit for the task.

  1. Spa-like design and facilities

Feeling more stressed out lately? Fear and anxiety are normal responses in times of great difficulty. And this is especially true during a pandemic. Aside from their hygiene habits, people also spend time in the bathroom for their “me” times.  No wonder bathrooms are turning into leisure hubs, too.

One emerging trend in home bathroom designs is the incorporation of SPA-like facilities. This helps homeowners achieve two goals at once: hygiene and leisure. Common features you might find include the addition of bathtub trays, gallery walls, and fashionable chairs.

Medicine cabinets are obviously on the rise. But they are often paired with backlit mirrors to give them a more SPA-like vibe. For sinks and countertops, antimicrobial materials are the best choice. Quartz is, especially in demand. Not only is it smooth but also non-porous. This makes the material effective for germ prevention.

  1. Modified layouts

The pandemic made us wary of shared spaces such as bathrooms. To adapt, many homeowners added bathroom layouts. This allowed them to manage traffic flow while maintaining enough space for each area.

Some common modifications you can find include restroom partitions and wider counter space. Often, sinks are separated from toilets. And toilets are separated from shower areas, too. However, instead of going for permanent dividers, it’s best to get swing doors instead. This way, you can still keep good bathroom ventilation when these areas are not in use.

Since partitions are sure to take up space, you might also want to shift to floating fixtures. These include freestanding tubs, floating vanities, and mounted toilets. They are sure to help you save up enough floor space. Plus, it makes floor cleaning easier, too!

What Now?

Think your bathroom is keeping up with the needs of the time? With the threat of COVID-19 still as big as ever, you’re expected to maintain regular hygiene habits. This means frequent bathroom visits on your part. Naturally, you’ll want to have a safe and comfortable time while you’re there.

Which among these top bathroom design trends appealed to you the most?